Digital Solutions for Geotechnical Mapping

Streamline geotechnical data collection, processing and transfer with our handheld Mapper. Collect, process and view joint set orientations, record RMR & Q, and take high quality images within minutes.

It’s fast, accurate, and intuitive

Increase productivity for geotechnical engineers

Minutes to collect and view data.

The Mapper streamlines data collection and processing making data collection intuitive. All data is processed on the Mapper and can be viewed on site or in the field.

Improve rock support design with more accurate data

The Mapper automatically identifies and calculates joint set orientations while omitting noisy data.

Data remains consistent when used by a variety of users.

Use Above and Underground

The Mapper works in low lighting conditions and without GPS.

The Mapper uses LiDAR and an inertial measurement unit to calculate measurements.


  • Map strike and dip measurements at a rate of 15m per minute
  • Reduce exposure of geologists to unsupported rock faces
  • Files are processed in real time, saving time during analysis
  • Highly accurate structural information for improved rock support design, overbreak calculations and stope stability analysis


Our technology can be used by anyone taking dip and dip direction measurements on exposed rocks in underground mining, open pit mining, geological exploration and civil engineering.